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6-in-1 Complete Fertilizer(16kg covers 120m2)

An all purpose, use everywhere-on-everything fertilizer.  A balanced, safe, ready and easy to use, all seasons, 6 in 1 mix – being a combination of mineral and organic plant nutrients.  It lasts up to 4 months – not like other chemical or mineral fertilizers which can start to break down after 3 to 4 weeks, making it much better value as it lasts much longer.


                                                    To view more info, please see 6-in-1 Complete Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer(16kg covers 100m2)

All purpose complete fertilizer containing organic material.  Slow release, mulch based, fertilizer with gypsum, blood and bone, trace elements, organic nitrogen, potash and other natural plant nutrients.  Can be used on lawns, garden plants, flowers, roses, all fruit trees, native trees and shrubs, saplings and vegetables.  Puts body into clay and sandy soils by improving water retention and brings worms into the soil.

                                                   To view more info, please see Organic Fertilizer

Foliar Fertilizer(1 x 2litre bottle)

A complete (liquid) fertiliser supplied in a 2 litre bottle and makes up to 200 litres.  Mix 1 capful to 1 litre of water.  It is good for indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs, lawns etc and will promote strong healthy growth.  It’s especially formulated to apply to leaf or foliage for rapid uptake.  Any that falls to the soil will be absorbed by plant root systems, (no waste) fast acting.  Use every 2 to 3 weeks.  Spray or wipe onto leaf.