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Composted Organic Mulch(2 x 15kg bags)

All purpose composted organic mulch is ready to use with no mixing.  It will feed, improve the soil, save on water by providing protective layer between the elements and the soil.  The blend of composted organic materials will flourish as mulching builds up the humus and improves the soil.  Use twice a year, at a rate of 3 to 8cm, taking care not to apply too closely around the stems of plants. 

One unit (or two bags - to make it easier to handle) covers an area of approximately 2 square metres, which is just under the size of a normal household door.

                                                   To view more info, please see Composted Organic Mulch

Gypsum (2 x 25kg bags)

Gypsum will improve the physical condition and drainage of most clay soils allowing better root development by breaking up clay deposits.  It is used everywhere at the rate of 1kg per square metres.  Its sulphur content helps neutralize alkaline soils.

One 50kg unit covers 100 square metres.

                                                   To view more info, please see Gypsum

Orchid Mix(2 X 25litre bags)

A free draining bark based compost comprising of several grades of pine bark blended with Bark fines that forms an ideal mix for all types or orchids.  Orchids can be repotted at any time of year – except mid summer or mid winter.  To avoid dehydration after repotting, spray the foliage rather than over watering the pot.  This will harden up the roots.

                                                    To view more info, please see Orchid Mix

Potting Mix(2 x 15kg bags)

Is an all purpose organic based 5 in 1 mix which is ideal for repotting or just freshening or topping up existing plants, both indoor and outdoors, hanging baskets and seed raising beds.  The “pH” balance is slightly acidic and suits most plants.  (5.5 – 6.0) Peat soil * Finely shredded Bark Fines * Coarse purified washed river sand * Gypsum * slow release fertilizer.  It retains moisture with good drainage (won’t saturate).  Has open crumbly texture with good aeration for oxygen supply.  It does not contain any dirt or soil fillers.  It is pure organic matter and represents good value for your favourite plants.

                                                    To view more info, please see Potting Mix

Soil Improver(2 x 15kg bags)

Soil improver builds up the humus and improves the soil structure, helping you to grow strong, healthy plants that are less susceptible to damage from insect pests and saving water at the same time.  Spread 5cm on top of the soil then dig in to spade depth and mix with existing soil for garden beds, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs and lawns.  Can be used for top dressing.  Can be mixed 1 to 4 parts potting mix. 

                                                    To view more info, please see Soil Improver