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Lawn Seed(1 x 2.5kg bag)

4 season’s hardy but quick growing blend.  2.5kg covers approximately 60sqm.  Includes Kentucky Blue, Rye, Fescue and Highland Bent grasses.

                             To view more info, please see Lawn Seed

Moss Killer(1 x 5kg bag)

For moss in lawns and garden beds.  500g in 10 litres covers 20sqm.  Will stain concrete or pavers if splashed on them.  Can also be used to increase blue colour of hydrangeas.

                              To view more info, please see Moss Killer

Snail and Slug Bait (1 x 3.5kg bag)

Very effective in control of snails and slugs.  Also can be harmful to dogs which is why we supply it in powder as well as pellets.  If you have pets use our pet-friendly powder form.

Contact Weed Killer (1 x 1litre bottle)

Kills all weeds on contact with the foliage.  What you spray is what you kill.                          1 litre makes approximately 33 litres of spray.  Non residual in the soil and biodegradable.

                       To view more info, please see Contact Weed Killer

Selective Weed Killer(1 x 1litre bottle)

Used on most lawns.  Kills broadleaf weeds and clovers but not the lawn.  1 litre mixed with water covers 300 sqm.  Do not use on buffalo, lippia, dicondra (tom thumb) or clover lawns or under trees, especially maples, birches or ash.

                       To view more info, please see Selective Weed Killer

Lime (Melbourne only) (2 x 25kg bags)

Corrects soil acidity, makes clay soils more friable, releases plant foods in the soil and helps decomposition of organic matter.

                      To view more info, please see Lime (Melbourne only)