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Blood and Bone Based including Organic Material
Super Phosphate
Sulphate of Iron
Muriate of Potash
Bark Fines
Peat Moss
Propagating Sand
Dynamic Lifter
Gypsum for Enhancing Oxygen Flow through the Soil and    removes Salt additives from watering.


Pots 6” or 15cm or larger are recommended.
Vegetable and Garden Beds
Fruit Trees and Natives (Azaleas etc)

Example for Pot Plants

Spread on tablespoon over the soil.  Water plant then dig in lightly and water again.

Example for Vegetable and Garden Beds

Prior to planting you would use 150gms every 2 square metres.

If you had plant life then you would spread 120gms every two square metres or spread between rows every six weeks DURING THE GROWING PERIOD.

Example for Fruit Trees

When planting a new fruit tree you would mix 100gms with the soil in the planting hole and then add the fruit tree.

As for the established fruit tree, you have to loosen the top soil around the fruit tree and then spread 500gms PER FRUIT TREE.  Then water.  This should occur every autumn and spring.

Examples for Natives, Azaleas etc

The organic fertilizer should be applied 20cm or 8” from the plant trunk at a rate of no less than 50gms and no greater than 100gms every 2 square metres.  Autumn and spring is recommended.

Examples for Lawns

When applying your top soil you would mix 150gms of Organic Fertilizer for every 2 square metres of top soil.  Once established 100gms every 2 square metres.