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For use on both indoor and outdoor plants.

It is a complete fertilizer to promote strong healthy growth to all plants.

Foliar Fertilizer has been specially formulated for application to foliage and for rapid uptake through the leaves.

Indoor Plants

Water diluted solution on to pot plants soil or spray onto the leaves.  (Better results if both ways are used.)

Outdoor Plants

Can be used on flowers, vegetables, roses, shrubs and lawns.  Water or spray all the garden regularly and wet the leaves.


Rapid uptake to foliage type plants.

Apply at 2-3 week intervals for best results.

Two (2) litres makes 200 litres (45mls or 4 capfuls per 4-5 litres of water.)

ANALYSIS REPORT:                              TOTAL PRODUCT                  DRY WEIGHT
                                                                     BASIS                                        BASIS         
                                                                     %W/W                                       %W/W 
Nitrogen as Nitrate                                     0.7                                              1.3
Nitrogen as Ammonium                             0.6                                              1.1
Nitrogen as Urea                                        1.7                                              3.3
Total Nitrogen                                          3.0                                              5.7
Phosphorous Water Soluble                     1.3                                              2.5
Potassium as Nitrate                                 1.9                                              3.8
Copper                                                        0.003                                         0.006
Zinc                                                              0.01                                           0.02
Manganese                                                 0.01                                           0.02
Maximum Biuret                                         0.02                                           0.04