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Betta Grower Mulch is designed for the home and professional gardener. It is a blend of composted organic materials, Betta Grower 6 in 1 Fertilizer, trace elements and gypsum (clay breaker).

It contains added humates which will improve the soil and hold nutrients longer.  It mulches, feeds, improves the soil, saves water and reduces weeds at the same time.

Gardens with mulch are easier to maintain as it provides a protective layer between the elements and the soil.  

Plants with mulch need much less water!  By mulching twice a year, plants will flourish as mulching builds up the humus and improves soil structure, helping you to grow strong, healthy plants which are less susceptible to damage from insect pests and saving water at the same time.


Mulches and feeds at the same time
Reduces water evaporation
Reduces water usage
Safe for all plants
Reduces weed growth
Encourages deep root growth
Use all year round.


Apply around plants on soil surface, or dig into and mix with soil.

To suppress weed growth, keep plant roots cool in summer and to conserve water:

Turn the soil over lightly to break up the surface and remove any weeds or debris which will compete for moisture and nutrients.

Water deeply around plants.

Apply mulch to a depth of between 3cm and 8cm taking care not to mulch too closely around the stems and trunks of plants,

Water again to help the mulch barrier settle.

Lawn Starter 

Spread a 2cm to 3cm layer evenly over freshly sown seed which can then be watered without washing the seed away and the surface will remain damp for longer periods protecting it from the wind and heat.

Lawn Repair and Top Dressing

For repairing, restoring and treating damaged or bald patches in lawns, or top dressing or levelling all or part of your lawn area.

For best results, aerate the area with a garden fork or lawn aerator before applying Betta Grower Composted Organic Mulch or Lawn Seed, if needed, ensuring that existing blades of grass protrude through the mulch.

Water thoroughly after application and keep moist until grass coverage is complete.

When mowing over treated areas set the mower on a higher setting until the grass is established.Although this product contains fertilizer, additional lawn food fertilizer should be applied within 2 to 3 weeks at the rate and frequency as indicated by manufacturer’s directions.