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Betta Grower Orchid Mix is free draining bark compost that forms an ideal mix for all types of orchids.

As decorative plants orchids have no peers and form the largest family of flowering plants known to science with an estimated 35,000 species and an additional 35,000 hybrids. Orchids have no single habits of growth, shape, colour or single country of origin and growing these plants can be a controversial subject.

Direction For Use

Orchids can be re-potted at any time of year except mid summer when plants need their entire root system intact to grow well and mid winter when most varieties are dormant, with the best time being when new growth is 5cm (2 inches) high and just before the new roots emerge.  In most cases this is early spring.

When re-potting allow the plant to dry out, remove from old container (this will sometimes require cutting or breaking away the old pot,) removing all of the old potting mix so that the roots may be examined.  Cut back decayed or over long roots and place in pot just large enough as these plants prefer to be ‘under-potted’ and water in.  To avoid dehydration after re-potting spray the foliage rather than watering the pot. This will harden the root system. 

General Instructions

Re-potting can vary from several months to 3 years.  Young seedlings benefit being moved to a slightly larger pot with fresh compost every few months whereas adult plants are best left undisturbed for several seasons.

As a general rule orchids require less feeding than other plants but should be given a light dressing often.  In recent years foliar feeding has become more popular and we recommend during the growing season that you use our foliar fertilizer in 3 out of every 4 waters and during the winter months reduce this to 1 out of every 3.  The best times to apply foliar fertilizer and of course to water are early morning and early evening.


45 litres of this product will fill 150mm (6“) pots or 250mm (10“) pots.