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Particularly suitable for enriching all soils for new and existing plants
Garden Beds
Plants (additive to potting mixes)
Flowers (eg roses, azaleas, camellias etc)
Trees (all fruit trees, shrubs, saplings and vegetables.)
As a lawn starter or for top dressing existing lawns
Safe with natives


Increases retention of nutrients and water, reducing water usage and dependency.  Helps develop and improve better soil structure.

Improves soil structure by building humus, providing a food source and environment providing a laying medium for soil microbes and earth worm activity, which slowly release essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth.

Has decomposed slowly which improves friability of garden beds making them easier to cultivate.

Improves soil aeration and its water holding capacity, which is then available for plant growth.  Humus has been shown to hold up to 5 times it weight in water.  This is very important in dry weather.

Looks just like good soil.

May be used as a top dressing for established lawns or mixed with existing soil as a lawn starter.

No unpleasant odours – Just a rich earthy aroma.

No artificial chemicals or additives.

Being very high in organic matter it increases soil ability to store and release nutrients when needed to stimulate seed germination and root development for healthier plants and helps buffer garden beds against rapid pH changes.


Garden Beds, Vegetables, Fruit Trees, Shrubs

Apply Betta Grower Soil Conditioner Improver by spreading 5cm (2 inches deep) on top of the soil then dig in and mix with the existing soil to spade depth.  Follow with your usual fertiliser/gypsum program.  Then follow with mulching.


As a lawn starter follow the above procedure digging it in and mixing with the soil. 

Top Dressing

Spread evenly over lawn as needed to fill in low areas and stimulate growth.  Water well.  When oversowing/reseeding lawns, mix seed with Betta Grower Soil Conditioner Improver and apply to a depth of 2 to 3 cm.  Level the surface then water well. 

Potting Mixes

Betta Grower Soil Conditioner Improver is very good as an additive to potting mixes.  Use 1 part to 4 parts of potting mix.