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Specially prepared for new lawns, and renovating and existing lawn after weed eradication or in those hard to grow spots under trees or in the shade.


Thick evergreen Fine Turf
Economical (1kg covers 30m2)
Quick and Easy to Grow
Strong and Hardy
Will Grow in Full Sun or Shade
Can plant Any Time of Year

Soil Preparation

Soil should be loosened to a depth of 5-8cm either with a hand spade or rotary tiller.  After Soil is reasonably level, broadcast Betta Grower complete fertilizer evenly over the surface and rake in thoroughly to mix with the top 2.5cm of soil to assist with the strong growth of young lawn seedlings.  For best results water, rake then roll soil to a level surface removing clods, lumps and pebbles etc.  If possible, avoid soft spots.  Soil should be moist before sowing.


Sow at a rate of approximately 30gms per m2 (or double for quicker, thicker growth) broadcasting the seed mixture evenly over the surface.  We recommend half in one direction and then the other in cross direction to get even coverage then lightly rake to a depth of 5mm.  Then firm down the surface either with a roller or by walking over it.  This helps germination tremendously.


Light watering during germination to keep the seed moist is essential.  The idea is to thoroughly soak the ground at regular intervals, so that the seed is never allowed to dry out once the seed has become wet.  We recommend that a sprinkler be used to keep soil moist.  Do not continue to apply water once pooling or run off occurs.


When grass is about 5cm high it should be mown and maintained at between 3-5cm in height for the first few months.  It is desirable to keep feeding it at regular intervals with Betta Grower complete fertilizer to promote and stimulate growth encouraging root growth and retarding weeds.  When in full growth, application of fertilizer is suggested every 6 weeks.

To Renovate an Existing Lawn

Mow (with catcher attached) old lawn as low as possible.  With a sharp nail rake, rake the old surface to form grooves.  Remove debris.  Sow as above, spreading (if desired) sandy loam lightly over the area and then level.  The procedure is then the same as for a new lawn.

Lawn Mixture

Kentucky Bluegrass (10%), Highland Bent (48%), Chewings Fescue (8%), Perrenial Ruy (34%).