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Betta Grower Moss Killer is a product designed for the control of moss and flat weeds in lawns.


Moss and flat weed control.
Intensifies the blue colouring of Hydrangeas.
Is acidic and can be used to acidify soil in alkaline areas.
Is useful around Camellias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Gardenias.


Apply in fine weather by dissolving 500g of this product in 10 litres of water to cover approximately 20m2.  Alternatively apply at the rate of 25g per m2 and water in well.
Any burning of the lawn is a temporary condition, and regrowth will usually occur within one week of application.

Moss generally thrives where soils are poorly drained and are subject to too much shade.  In such areas, frequent applications may be required.

Active Constituent;195g/kg IRON (Fe) present as Sulphate of Iron.

WARNING:  This product will cause severe stains to concrete surfaces, so care should be taken to avoid spillage and run off from steep areas.