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Betta Grower Ground Limestone Garden Lime corrects soil acidity, makes clay soils more friable, releases plant foods in the soil and helps the decomposition of organic matter.

Lime plays an important part in general plant health and in particular the development of roots and root hairs.

It also modifies man soil factors including texture, structure and its chemical structure.

Lime refers to all calcium and magnesium compounds which are used to reduce soil acidity particularly under high rainfall.  Our product is a combination of Calcium Carbonate (80%) and Magnesium Oxide (4.5%).

Directions for Use

An average annual dressing of 100g per square metre (or 3 matchboxes) in garden beds and 250g per square metre (or 7 matchboxes) for lawns.  Spread evenly, and rake into topsoil or water into lawns.

A level matchbox is 35g.  (3 x 35 = 105 or 7 x 35 = 245)

General Instructions

Do not apply lime to acid loving plants such as camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons.  Lime is a white alkaline powdery substance used to correct acid build up and although it can be used all year round, is popularly used during autumn - winter (Mar - Sep).

Lime can also improve aeration and drainage in clay soils, as it contains calcium which causes clay particles to group together forming soil "crumbs" larger than the soil particles providing easier movement of air, moisture and root development of plants.

Lime is also a useful addition to compost heaps/bins to speed up decomposition.


50kg of this product will cover 200 square metres when applied at 250g per square metre or, 500 square metres when applied at 100g per square metre.

This product is only available for Melbourne customers.