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PRODUCT MATERIAL                                                 N    :    P   :     K    
Sheep Manure                                                                 2.0  :   0.5  :   1.3
Cow Manure                                                                     1.7  :   0.3  :   1.0
Horse Manure                                                                  1.2  :   0.3  :   0.8
Poultry                                                                               3.0  :   2.0  :   1.0
Mushroom Compost                                                        1.4  :   0.3  :   1.1
Dynamic Lifter                                                                  3.0  :   2.4  :   1.5
Betta Grower 6in1 Complete Fertilizer                    4.0  :   4.0  :   1.0
Betta Grower Organic Fertilizer                                5.0  :   1.3  :   1.5

A lot of suburbs in South Australia and Victoria have proven to have soil that is ALKALINE IN NATURE.

With most of them having high alkaline soil, a balance has been sought to replace missing elements needed for better gardens, which have been introduced to old and new suburbs.

The availability of Phosphorus and Trace Elements like Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Boron is to be increased, as alkaline soil does not produce these through its natural process.


Deficiency of Phosphorus Causes:

Poor Root Development
Stunted Growth
Purplish Discoloration on Leaves

Iron Deficiencies Causes:

Yellowing of Younger Leaves

Manganese Deficiencies Causes:

Yellowing of Leaves especially between veins
Growth is Stunted

Copper & Zinc Deficiencies Causes:

Leaf Mottling
Yellowing of Young Leaves

Boron Deficiencies Causes:

Breakdown of Internal Tissue and Corkiness especially in Apples, Beetroot and Turnips called “Brown Heart”

IMPORTANT to growing tissue in young shoots, flower bud and leaves.

MUSHROOM COMPOST is very alkaline and will create deficiencies in plants.  It is also very salty.